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List of Functions

Motif Alignment

Alignments of specific motifs are useful for comparison of positional information of other motif patterns.

Phylogonetic tree based on single motif

Phylogenetic trees are constructed from sequence alignment for a selected single motif.

Phylogenetic tree based on multiple motif

Phylogenetic trees are constructed from combined sequence alignments of selected multiple motifs.

Sequence Logo

Sequence logos are a graphical representation of the sequence conservation of amino acids. It's created by WebLogo software.

Comparison of Selected Sequence Logo

Comparison of logos would highlight conservation and diversity of each amino acid sites among members of each node.

Description List

Show the annotation list derived from NCBI or the original database (such as TAIR, RAP-DB, etc.).

Link to other databases

Each annotation has links to up-to-date information of other databases.

Download the sequence data

You can download sequence file(fasta format).

Pfam domain information

Comparison of Pfam domain and motif information.