SALAD database

SALAD is a tool of systematic comparison of proteome data among the species.

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   --What's New--

 27-Oct-2021  It was fixed that an error frequently occurred in
                        the Blasting Salad search function.
 08-Oct-2021  Blasting Salad is temporarily unavailable.
 31-May-2012  New options addition in Blasting SALAD
 14-May-2012  New function addition in Blasting SALAD
 11-Nov-2011  Change upload sequence number form 50 to
            120 in Interactive SALAD
 18-May-2011  SALAD on ARRAYs (GSE18685) released
 18-Oct-2010   Blasting SALAD Analysis released
 01-Jul-2010  Trial version of Blasting SALAD Analysis released
 31-May-2010  New version of SALAD on ARRAYs released
 07-Aug-2009  SALAD database (ver.3.0) released
 28-Apr-2009   SALAD database (ver.2.0) released
 01-Oct-2008   SALAD on ARRAYs (pollen, rice) released
 01-Oct-2008   English - SALAD database (ver.1.0) released
 12-May-2008  Japanese - SALAD database (ver.1.0) released

M. Mihara, T. Itoh, T. Izawa (2009) SALAD database: a motif-based database of protein annotations for plant comparative genomics, Nucleic Acids Research, Database Issue

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You can check gene expression of microarray data for paralogous genes in a moment with this new viewer.


Izawa, T, Mihara, M. et al., (2011) Os-GIGANTEA Confers Robust Diurnal Rhythms on the Global Transcriptome of Rice in the Field. Plant Cell.

Mihara, M., Itoh, T. and Izawa, T. (2008) In silico identification of short nucleotide sequences associated with gene expression of pollen development in rice. Plant Cell Physiol. 49:1451-1464.

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