If you analyze sequences without SALAD ver.1 dataset (rice, Arabidopsis thaliana, red algae), please try this intaractive SALAD analysis.

All of SALAD data were created in each annotation group. A motif is a sequence pattern that occurs repeatedly in a group of related protein sequences. Therefore, discovering motifs may be different in different groups. To avoid misunderstanding and get new insight, you had better refer to some result about the same annotation. SALAD database has function of intaractive SALAD analysis, please try it.

To execute SALAD analysis, you can upload a TEXT file (Not Word) in FASTA format.
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The type of sequence model to use
Distribution of motifs One per sequence
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Any number of repetitions

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maximum number of motifs to find
Expect threshold (E-value)

Number of sites for each motif
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Maximum sites (<=300)

•Upload file must be FASTA Format.
•Upload file must be lower 1MB in size.
•Number of Sequence must be more than two and less than 120.(Now version)